💡Feature Idea: Create Subfolders for a Rooms Hierarchy

Nico Innovation StrategistMember ✭✭
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😢 Customer Problem Statement 😢

I am an employee in a large organization

I am trying to use mural to organize mine and my team's project work in MURAL

But I cant seem to find what I am looking for easily

Because I am working on multiple projects that all have meeting notes, project plans, design sprints and other similar artifacts

Which makes me feel lost, disorganized and like I need to continue to keep a majority of work in Google Drive

🎉 Ideal State 🎉

In a perfect world my team and I are always able to easily access any artifact or working document we need immediately

The biggest benefit to me is I can now have a single source of truth while working on multiple projects

Which makes me feel in control, efficient and organized

💡 Proposed Idea 💡

Create a rooms hierarchy to be able to organize workspaces into teams and then projects.

Example: Workspace: Intuit - Room: Central Innovation - Subfolder: Project X - Board: Project Kickoff

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  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional Community Manager admin

    @Nico thank you so much for this clear idea and the problem statement! Appreciate it!🔥 Can't wait to hear other peoples' thoughts.

  • chrrrristopher
    chrrrristopher UX Member

    I've been hoping for folders for quite a while now and I really hope the Mural developers implement this feature!

  • dsinur
    dsinur Program Project Manager Member

    Came here specifically for this reason. Please make this happen!

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