đź’ˇFeature Idea: Offer links to comments

What I want to be able to do: I'd like to be able to share a link to a colleague's specific comment in Mural. Slack does this really well—I can get a hyperlink to an individual post or a post within a thread. I'd like to get a hyperlink to a specific comment (or person's response to a comment) in Mural. I would expect to find this feature in the 3-dot menu within the comment, next to the "resolve" button.

Problem I am trying to solve: I want to be able to draw my colleagues' attention to a comment in Mural, even when we're not working in Mural at the moment. Currently, when I'm chatting in Slack or on a Zoom call, I have to say "See the comment on the right side of our recent Mural board, beneath the third header…" This adds a big burden on my colleagues to figure out which comment I'm talking about.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): Sometimes someone says something in a meeting or over Slack that has already been discussed in Mural. And sometimes a comment made in Mural is relevant to our conversation. If I can quickly share a link to that comment in Mural, without needing to share my screen, we can all get on the same page about what was already discussed, without having to have the same conversation over again.
I can also reference why certain design decisions were made in other materials. Say, for example, I'm writing a decision document about why we did XYZ thing in our design mockups, and someone has already articulated the rationale really nicely in a Mural comment. I'd love to be able to link directly to their comment so that people can see the comment in-context. I'd like for the link to work for both open and resolved comments. I use links to specific Slack posts and Figma comments all the time for these reasons.

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