watch out the fake free plan promise - your murals will end up in the unknown state and uneditable

  1. I decided to switch to free plan as I am not using mural extensively enough to go for paid subscription
  2. In the email I received from mural they promised : "The workspace will still be accessible and you can continue to use Mural as long as you'd like. Your workspace can have up to 3 active murals and any murals beyond that that you've worked on previously, have been archived."
  3. After the subscription ended I can see 2 murals in active state and 6 in "unknown state". These are definitelyy not "archived" as the promise says, because I cannot unarchive those (respecting the promised limit of 3 active murals)

I spent circa 2 hours chatting with support and realized they were perfectly fine with such behavior and did not consider it a broken promise not a bug in their software, policy, marketing messages, or whatsoever. The customer support person named Roger P did not find anything wrong with this behavior. On the contrary they were directing me towards buying a paid plan not respecting my decision to stay on free plan.

Wow, losing my work feels bad. I am disappointed.