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Before we dive 🐬in, what are Template Tuesdays, you might ask? They are the day we celebrate ✨ templates, learn from each other, show off our 🥇 beauties, and get updates on templates.

One of the most frequent template requests we get are more templates for different kinds of retro’s. 🐕️

Last week we asked you what your favourite 😻retrospectives are. The MURAL team create and publish 🎉new templates on an ongoing basis. What templates for retrospectives should we publish next? 🧐

Vote on your favourites below. 📣

📺 Stay tuned! We have a winner coming! Next retro poll now closed.

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  • Neat, neat neat. "I like, I wish, I wonder" is such a great one. I also love the Starfish!! So many choices⁉

  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    I love the sailboat one ;) from a Designer point of view, you can play with elements to make a nice board.

  • lailavon
    lailavon Mural Team mod

    I didn't know the starfish retro but thanks to Amanda, I'll definitely try it out!

  • JulieWhitehouse
    JulieWhitehouse Mural Alum mod

    They are all good depending on the need and mood! I am for the I Like, I Wish, I Wonder retro.

  • Gise
    Gise Mural Team mod

    I particularly like the timeline retro when we need to focus on a specific issue that happened during a period of time (a Sprint, for example).

    So, you draw your timeline, and ask the team to add sticky notes to represent the "events" that happened in the different dates. Maybe you can use a color-coding for different types of events (positive = green, negative = red or something like that) --> Discuss what you obtained so far, and allow of all the team members to speak about these events. This will help them understand the different points of view for the same events.

    Then, you may draw a second timeline (this is optional, but I've tried it and the results may be super interesting), parallel to the first one, where each team member will add, for each date that was marked in the original timeline, how they were feeling (you can use sad/happy faces, thumbs up/down or any other representation for emotions). Review with the team if there is (or not) a direct correlation between positive/negative events and how the team felt at that point in time.

    Now you can choose to focus on things that were positive, and try to improve them even more. Or you may focus on those that affected the team negatively, choose one and let the team decide which experiment they will run to improve.

    Remember: It's important that at the end of each retrospective the team has a clear action plan to improve (yeah, with actionable items, with owners, even with dates if possible) and that the team reviews (measures if possible) how this improvement impacted their work in the next retro 😊

  • AlexanderSinger
    AlexanderSinger Mural Alum admin

    I'm all in on "I like, I wish, I wonder" - the approach to brainstorming and prioritization is something that aligns precisely with some of the planning I've had to do recently.

  • [Deleted User]
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    I think we have a winner!🥇 Keep an eye 👀 on this channel for more updates soon! 💝

  • Thank you for voting on what our next template for retrospectives should be! 💖

    We had a winner! 🏆️ Try the new I like, I wish, I wonder template in our library. Looking forward to hear what you think!

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