Copy and paste Mind Map Nodes

When brainstorming I often place orphaned nodes on a sheet until I have a chance to put them in a mind map location. Sometimes I place a node in the wrong location and would like to move it and all of its children under another node. Without this flexibilty it makes it hard to brainstorm in Mural Mind Mapping. Plese add the ability copy/cut nodes (and all of their down stream nodes) from one location and paste them as a child to another node.

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  • This can be achieved by copying or cutting the node you want to move (ctrl+C or ctrl+X) and then selecting the node that you want it connected to as the parent node and paste (ctrl+V)!

  • @danfaxe I tried this and can't seem to get it to work in the mindmap. It just pastes the copied node (without its children) over top of the selected node. I am using the Mind Maps tool from the left tool bar in the Mural App on Win 10. Any additional help is welcome.

  • axehermes
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    Move: For me it's working to click & drag a node (incl. its child notes) to another node until that node gets a blue outline and when you release it's moved.
    Copy: Only partly working via Ctrl-C-V. The copied node is placed correctly under the new parent but its childs are paced above the area and you need to move them manually. Not working is alt+click&drag.

    (in macOS app & browsers)