1<>1 Visual Thinking Coaching with MURAL

Anyone else doing this? I wasn't sure where to put this post, but I am curious if any coaches are using MURAL as a space for reflection-on-action as they co-create coaching sessions with their clients? Hit me up! -Sanbar


  • @pshadicoachbar, super curious about this as well. I helped a friend build their resume and evaluate job descriptions using MURAL in a coaching session, and it was really effective. They could copy cards they had already made and build their resume fairly easily. Thank you for throwing this up to chat about!

  • Awesome @Amanda - Check out a recent article I wrote on the subject. Happy to chat more about this. https://super9solutions.medium.com/mindset-coaching-with-visual-thinking-using-mural-digital-workspaces-d33f7d0496cb

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    @pshadicoachbar this is really intriguing. Particularly, this resonated with me. "The difference now is that it is truly in-sight-ful. At this moment, the client may see before them what was once a nebulous amalgam of energy swirling in that liminal space between their heart and mind. What they were once only believing, thinking, or feeling is now right before their eyes potentially allowing for enhanced perspective-taking or increased integration of awareness. "

    I have always found similarities between coaching a facilitating. I (many years ago) started out as a competitive swim coach. When I became a consultant focused on supporting people who used challenging behaviors to communicate needs. I used lots of coaching techniques to drive behavior change. I used graphic facilitation 1:1 to help families, friends, and support/care providers to see situations, feelings, and choices. Like we would sit with crayons and markers and 8.5 x 11s drawing and thinking together. MURAL would have helped immensely.

    I also find that in a coaching relationship most of the work happens when you are not with the coach. I'm drawn to using MURAL because it would allow me and a coach to work asynchronously. Do you use the tool asynchronously?

  • Thanks @Amanda - Yes, while the synchronous work in the moment is important, "life, the real world, the Work"... that all happens between the sessions. The ARTifact of the session helps to anchor my clients into doing the asynchronous work. It is great when they actually share stuff into the coaching engagement MURAL between sessions, but I don't force them to. Coaching is quite client-driven. That is awesome that you've used GF in such small intimate settings. Fun!