Add option to have same-domain guests

I've found that on the Business plan we are unable to choose whether our collaboration users invited into our workspace are listed as members or guests. The system automatically allocates all same-domain users to 'member' while all external domains are listed as 'guests'.

This is a big problem since we have to pay for members, and we are a big organization. Many of our same-domain colleagues even already pay for a membership through their division's account! But even those that don't should be able to join as guests since we paid for a business account which allows unlimited free guests. The way the feature is set up now is incentivizing us to move back to the free account and cancel the business account since the free one is ironically having better features (i.e. my colleagues can join my workspace for free).

Would you be able to provide an option that allows us to choose if our invited members in our same domain can be listed as guests instead?

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