Move duplicate Room Murals disappear thumbnail incorrect

As part of a test migration, we recently duplicated a Room then moved the duplicate Room to another workspace. Since then we've seen many Murals in the duplicate Room devoid of their original content, while the thumbnails for those Murals still show the original Mural, and the Mural info 'last updated by' continuously shows the name of the person that created the duplicate Room and the current date regardless of whether they've updated it or not.

Have you seen this problem before and do you have a solution? This is urgent as we are about to apply this migration process on a large scale to many Rooms and obviously don't want to proceed if the process is not reliable.


  • Hello happy wheels! I love doing a Mural. Since I enjoy templates, I frequently adapt my murals for different settings. The ability to remove a sticky's whole contents without the sticky itself would be fantastic. Additionally, it would be fantastic if there was a way to pick all of the stickies and, say, reorder them into a particular format.