May 14 Web Release: Enhancement to the company dashboard

Web release


🖥 Scroll through the Company Dashboard 

With a horizontal scroll added to the Company Dashboard, you can more easily scroll through the page to better examine content and columns, irrespective of screen size.

Bug Fixes 

🐞 Users were able to make text edits using keyboard shortcuts during open voting sessions.

🐛 When duplicating objects inside an area, the duplicates would not get absorbed.

🐜 When deleting a stroke from a drawing, the bounding box would not get updated.

🕷 It was possible to edit text in a locked object when it was part of a grouping of objects.

🦟 The cog wheel in Billing Groups would show the option to suspend an account for all ungrouped members in a billing groups list. 

🐞When reducing the size of a mural from the left and top side and re-entering the mural, you would enter at a different zoom level than the one you were previously in.

🐛It was not possible to type Japanese characters in the Safari browser. 

🐜 Jira integration import modal was missing projects dropdown.

🕷 Jira integration export modal performance was choppy.

🦟 The incorrect Jira logo was displayed on the integration modal. 

🐞 Drawings would get deleted when panning with the spacebar while in drawing mode.

🐛 Temporarily removed bulk operations from billing groups as it was causing other bugs in MURAL instances. It will be reinstituted in the near future.