Mural for wireframing - Any samples/templates/suggestions?

Robert_Sk MCN
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Hi all!

Does anyone have a use case for Mural being used for wireframing? I have someone who’s trying to decide if Mural or Miro would be a better tool for that (though they have all their existing templates in Mural and doesn’t want to leave the platform).

I had a few good suggestions from the Mural Pro Slack channel, and @hailey suggested I post here as well.

Thanks in advance for any answers!


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    @Robert_Sk Checking with our MURAListas now. Would you or your friend want to work with me to make one if we don't? I'm responsible for helping build templates like these, so we can collaborate on making something AWESOME. Regardless I will be taking this project on to build this template, so let me know!

    They can submit a request for the specific template here and we can get going.

  • Thank you very much @Ryan ! I'll pass it along. Very much appreciated.

  • Would LOVE to see wireframing and content versioning.

  • Thanks for this illustrative information @ryannee.

    I am trying to figure how to create my own wireframes to reuse across rooms and Murals. Is this possible?

  • Agree with Manuel! I would save them in the content library. I do this with quite a few of my own frameworks!

  • @ryannee will you be making this file available as a template? Would love to utilize! Thanks!

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Would love to see some predefined things & shapes etc. for wireframing, too.