May 20 Web Release: Improvements to the filter experience for sticky notes

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited May 2021 in Product Releases


🔎 Easily find and analyze sticky notes by background color

You can now see how many sticky notes of a certain background color are available in a mural. This complements the ability to filter by background color, allowing you to see which sticky note colors are used from most to least. Access this filter by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the upper right toolbar in a mural, or using the keyboard shortcut of ‘ctrl + F’. This is the first of many new capabilities that will help members quickly surface valuable insights via powerful find and filtering capabilities. 

Bug Fixes 

🐞 When duplicating an object with Alt or Option key or dragging an object over a connector point, a new object would be created.

🐛 When copying and pasting an area with grouped objects, the area would get copied without the grouped objects.

🕷 If you’d previously created a text box with formatting options like bold or italic, the formatting options from the previous text box would be applied to the new one incorrectly. 

🦟 Colors inside the color palette were being cut off in the Firefox browser.

🐞 Comments would disappear when removing the user that created them.

🦟 Users weren’t able to select the room to add a newly created mural in the “Create Mural” modal.

🐛 There was a small cosmetic issue related to the placement of the “empty room” callout message.

🕷 The option to remove a member was not available for the last person in the ungrouped members table in billing groups.

🦟 In the company dashboard, bulk operations would sometimes cause performance and other issues.