💡 Template idea: Add a new template for a Lean Coffee session

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We often use this meeting facilitation technique and think it would be a great addition to the existing templates.

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✨The community spoke. We listened. Find the Lean Coffee Template at this link: https://app.mural.co/template/3ab2c3ef-1118-4ede-a5ba-99907d0d1951/86db4c4b-109f-412d-aff5-83b2e9f70e73


  • Hey @adambacon! We're launching a new area of Community next week called Template Ideas - I'll move this over there then. In the meantime, @Emilia is your gal for chatting about template ideas 💡⚡💡

  • Hi @adambacon! Very cool idea, thanks for sharing! In what situations do you use this activity? What challenges does it help you overcome, and what are the benefits you've gotten from implementing this way of working?

    Thanks again for posting, will chat about this with my team next week and keep an eye on this for more votes!

  • I have moved this to our brand new Template Ideas category. I love this idea, and I LOVE lean coffee. ☕ Thanks for the idea.

    When I have been in a lean coffee session, it allowed us to collaborate on an agenda quickly. Assign time appropriately, and chat about challenges. The problem it solved was agenda-less 👻 meetings, and it provided convenient time boxing for conversations.

  • Great to hear from others already using the meeting format! 😀

    We use it to encourage participation from those attending. Often people are happy to just listen but this format encourages everyone to join in and have a say.

    Often, a meeting with a very fixed agenda can feel a bit wooden. As the priority of the topics is arrived at through voting, this helps for everyone to feel engaged.

    Rather than a completely open agenda, I've also seen this format used to host a meeting around a particular area. I attended a meetup recently where they used the format to discuss lesson learnt from doing Agile software development in the current working from home times.

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    Lean Coffee is now live in the MURAL template library! Thank you Adam for sharing!

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