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What do I want to do/Job to be done statement :

When I want to work with a team (e.g. my product team) to define our north star metric and/or use the north star framework to plan product the work based on the metrics we want to impact, I would like to have a template that makes it easy for us to have a productive meeting. This means we would brainstorm, vote, and decide on the metrics collaboratively using a Mural.

Problem I am trying to solve: I don't have time to make a Mural for this purpose that both looks good and facilitates the best interactions in the meeting.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): Lots of teams like to use data and metrics to set goals and plan work. North Star is one methodology they may be using and a template would help them have better sessions with less prep time. A template could also help teams learn about and explore whether this is a good approach for them if they are not familiar with it.

Here is some information about the framework from Amplitude, there's lots more on the internet.

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  • Hey @AshleyB! Very cool idea, thanks for sharing! Could you tell me a bit more about the problem you're trying to solve? Did you see the Project North Star template by Facebook Think Kit for MURAL? The current template has a space for Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). What are you trying to do that the current template doesn't help you achieve?

    Thanks again for posting, will chat about this with my team next week and keep an eye on this for more votes!

  • AshleyB
    AshleyB Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Thanks @Emilia. I like the Project Northstar template a lot, but it serves a different purpose than my request.

    -The North Star Metrics framework is a specific method of coming up with metrics for a product or product led business (see image below, and here's another article on it. So while there is some cross over with foundational purpose of this project template, it's not the same thing. The North Star Metrics framework is not a project planning tool in the same way. And it looks different (pic below).

    -Specifically, the problem I want to solve is: (1) run a north star metrics workshop: The project planning canvas represents information that's probably the outcome of discussions and workshopping, whereas I want a template that'll help me work through the process of choosing metrics and aligning work to them with my team (ie do the workshop itself). (2) Once done with that, visually show our metrics and the plan we came up with. Simple format below. There are a few variations.