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Mathilde MCN
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Hello everyone here,

Would you know a way to link different murals (one for each learner) to my LearnDash course ? Or just to a WordPress membership ?

I’d like to make each learner able to find the link of his mural in the course (that would be ideal), or in his user profile. But only him must be able to see it ;) It’s not a shared mural for my learner’s group, it’s one different for each of them (to work together with their own team).

This would really help !

Thank you ;)

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  • Carla
    Carla Mural Team mod
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    Hi @Mathilde, how are you today? Right now there is no integration between MURAL and LearnDash/WordPress, so my recommendation here would be to share the mural with that person via email, so that way they are the only ones able to see it :)

    Hope you have a fantastic day 🌈


  • Could it be done by linking to a Mural template they could create a Mural from into their own workspace?