How to optimize content for faster board loading and avoid lagging?

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I have content-heavy boards that are loading quite slowly. I understand that I can optimize the resolution and size of the files that I put in and it will make the boards work quicker. However, I am curious: what is making Mural sweat more: the images(jpeg/png) and other files I put in, or the built-in stickies and texts and icons (if there are a lot of them)?

Thank you!

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    Hi @bgulya how are you? In your case I'd say it's the images, but bear in mind that there are a lot of other factors that play into a mural's performance. Here are a few of the most important ones:

    • Size of mural canvas. We recommend using the default canvas size or smaller, whenever possible.
    • Number of elements on the canvas. The more elements you have, the more lag you might experience. Files in particular are the heaviest element. We recommend keeping files under 2 MB in size
    • Your hardware. If you're running MURAL on an old computer, you may experience more lag than a user on a newer device
    • The number of tabs or other applications you have open. The fewer the better!
    • Whether you're using video or screen share on your videoconferencing device. Both of these will take up Internet bandwidth that, in turn, cannot be used for MURAL
    • The amount of content your users will be adding to the canvas. Same recommendations about uploads apply as with above!
    • Whether the users have view only permissions or edit permissions. MURAL can support more users who are on view only.
    • Users should be aiming for at least 30Mbps DL and 10Mbps UL for a smoother experience.

    If you're having trouble navigating when you're alone on the mural, that means you've likely hit some of the upper limits with performance. Try splitting up murals into multiple murals whenever possible. 

    If you're under normal conditions - let's say, 80-100 users with editing permissions, running MURAL on a new device, closing all tabs and applications, using a default mural size with no large files, and asking your users to upload ~10 stickies during the session - you should be okay.

    Hope you find this helpful 😁