💡💡 How will you approach your next OKR planning session?

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Do you use OKR's with your business? 🐩

Here are MURAL we do quarterly OKR planning sessions 🎯 (objectives and key results). Making space for the teams to think about how 🏊‍♀️ they'll reach their destinations 🌴 , and what the measurable milestones ⛳️ for getting there are, has been a great way for us to:

🌱 help build understanding of the goals, and

🌻 generate engagement and ownership throughout the whole organization.

As you're getting ready for your next OKR planning session🤸, here are some resources that might help.💡

Spotify run big room OKR planning sessions with their teams every quarter to generate ideas on how to reach🚴 their destination🏕️ and to measure progress. 🛣️ Learn more in this webinar, and don't forget to check out the template! 💫

How are you using MURAL to make sure your OKR planning sessions are successful? 🍾 Share your best tips and templates! 💓