🏡🏡 New in town - Submit a template idea

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Thank you so much for wanting to add an idea for our template team to consider. They are busy working building beautiful, creative, and fun templates you can use to facilitate amazing meetings. We are here reading 👀, thinking 🧠, and dreaming. 🔮

Some Guidelines

  1. Search for your template idea first. If you find one similar or one that solves your problem, vote on the idea! ✨
  2. Can't find one? Add an idea!
  3. Include what the job to be done of the template is -- include the situation, motivation, and expected outcome🔥

Our community team will help you flesh out your idea if you need it!

How to Submit an Idea

  1. Go to the category Template Ideas
  2. Click the button New idea
  3. Start your title with our naming convention (💡 Template Idea: ) and title your idea with a one sentence summary of your template’s ideas job to be done. 
  4. Add the details into the post body (When this happens, I want to, So I can.) (Situation, Motivation, Expected Outcome) 
  5. Click Save
  6. Sit back and watch everyone vote 🎆🎇🎆🧨

Here are some examples!