How do you design your summer-term course differently?

Ward Mural Team mod

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are less than a month away from the official start of summer. For some, the beginning of June represents the unofficial start. Happy June!

For those of you who are teaching this summer (or have experience from doing so in the past), how (if at all) do you design your course differently to reflect the season?

For example, do you lean more heavily on:

  • Outdoor/experiential classes
  • Evening classes (when temperatures are cooler and after work)
  • Asynchronous work
  • Individual work (as aligning around team schedules can be trickier)?
  • Something else?

Please share in the comments below on any of your experiences from summer teaching, including any tips and tricks to encourage deeper student engagement. @Jeff_Eyet and I will share any insights more broadly in an upcoming edition of the Teachers' Lounge webinar.



  • Jeff_Eyet
    Jeff_Eyet Mural Team mod

    MURAL reinforced my belief in "learning by doing" among participants. Especially during the summer, when the competition for my students' attending is the swimming pool, time with friends, or lazily watching TV.

    In MURAL, I create smaller activities with defined outcomes, ideally one exercise per hour of instruction.

  • Ward
    Ward Mural Team mod

    @Jeff_Eyet Interesting. I like the idea of breaking it down based on 1 exercise per hour.

    How do you handle planning asynchronous work outside of class time? More individually focused or do you maintain a good mix of group/project work?

  • Jeff_Eyet
    Jeff_Eyet Mural Team mod

    I like group assignments because students "learn by doing," and given the chance to teach their peers, the experiences really stick.

    I use their in-class participation to guide individual grading.