May 27 Web Release: Find your content faster with a refreshed mural dashboard


🗄 Quickly discover relevant content with an enhanced mural dashboard

We’ve redesigned the dashboard to make it quick and easy to find your murals. The updated UI displays different views (recently opened, favorites, recently modified) as rows of murals and moves the “Create Mural” button to the sidebar. 

🖥 Inactive workspaces no longer clutter Company Dashboard 

Previously, the Company Dashboard would show all workspaces tied to a company domain including free trials and inactive workspaces. Now, the dashboard will only show Enterprise Network plan workspaces to company administrators.

🏷 Navigate the mural dashboard more easily with view of full room name

We’ve made a small improvement that enables users to see the full name of a room in the sidebar on hover.

Bug Fixes 

🐞When pressing enter inside a sticky note to create a new line, the text size was not updating in a timely manner.

🐛The zoom setting was changing too fast when using the mouse wheel in Firefox.


  • This change brought us in the right direction, but still more progress to go. I work cross-functionally and enter 1-3 new murals every day, so the three swimlanes on the home page is just not enough to keep track of things. My usual go-to to find an old mural is to try to remember or guess what is was called and search, or guess whose room it might be in, but still not easy. Would love a tagging system. Thanks!