Right click doesn't work

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When I right click on the background anywhere I don't see the Mural context menu - its only the browser context menu. Does anyone else see this?

Running FF89.

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  • PedroD
    PedroD Mural Team mod
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    Hi Nacho!

    Are you using any extensions on your browser that may prevent you from using MURAL's menu when right clicking?

    It also looks like you are right clicking an image on the canvas, and not right clicking the background.



  • An example of what happens when I'm right clicking in FF89 at the moment:

  • Hola Pedrito! Thanks for the tip - that was it! (the StopTheMadness extension, specifically)

  • PedroD
    PedroD Mural Team mod

    I'm glad I could help, Nacho!

    Let us know if anything else comes up!

    Have a great weekend!