💡 Feature Idea: Sketch/Figma plug-in to export files directly to Mural

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We're using Mural to show the screen flows and gather feedbacks. The screens are often created using Sketch app or Figma and every time the screen is updated, we need to export the images, remove the old ones in Mural, re-work connectors and layer orders etc.

Anyway you can introduce something like this? https://miro.com/sketch-integration/


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  • This would be extremely beneficial! We currently have to export screens manually and put them in a flow order in Mural that needs constant updating - MURAL is where we collect feedback from Development and Product Managers and it would make everyone's life soo much easier if there was a way to directly export like what is done in MIRO.

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    This would save me soo much time.

  • To elaborate future, as @marciecorral mentioned above, the exporting of screens manually would cut the time of updates in half; no more individual exports from Sketch — direct integration to 'push' updated artboards/screens directly to MURAL so that the screens stay in their place on the MURAL, but with updated content that is reflected in Sketch.

    Bonus benefit: allow the end user to duplicate the same exported from Sketch multiple places on a MURAL board, and when the update gets pushed from Sketch, all of the instances on the MURAL board are updated. This is paramount, as often times one screen can appear in many, many flows on the same board. This is one key nuance that the Sketch-to-MIRO has implemented that makes the integration even more powerful.

    MURAL is highly utilized across the organization from engineers, product managers, designers, directors and upward. Having the latest material reflected in MURAL helps to ensure that there isn't any content lag that can lead to confusion with stakeholders.