💡Feature Idea: Default settings for cursor visibility

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As a facilitator, I would like to default the cursor displays to off, so that I don't have to turn them off each time I open the Mural.

For the work I do the movement of cursors is usually more distracting than valuable, so I would like to have "Turn off Facilitator Cursors" and "Don't Broadcast My Cursor" be my preferred setting when I create a new mural or access it, and retain the ability to turn them back on during a session.

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  • Thomas_Jorre
    Thomas_Jorre MCN ✭✭✭

    It would be great if I could choose my own set of defaults.

    As a facilitatror I would prefer to turn off all cursors of the collaborators, but turn on my own cursor as a default. Do nobody gets dizzy from too many cursors flying around but at the same time everyone sees what I am referring to, by following my cursor.