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Hello everyone,

is it possible to restrict some members in the Mural from voting, e.g. when only the voting results from one team are required/desired?

Or as a second option, is it possible to remove anonymity for some voting sessions?

Looking forward to your answers :)

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards


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  • AizaMarie
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    Hello Isabell! Thank you for your thoughts on how we can continue improving MURAL. I can definitely see how that would be useful!

    We have recently launched our Community where you can discuss and exchange ideas with other MURAL users. The intention is to make enhancement and feature requests transparent to all users. It would be great if you could post your suggestion there so that it can be discussed and voted on by other MURAL users.

    You could even take a look at the suggestions other MURAL users have made and up-vote the ones you'd like to see!

    You can go straight to the "Feature Ideas" section of our Community here:

    And a friendly reminder, it's one idea per post 😉