Workspace Hosting Preferences (where does the collaboration usually happen?

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I was recently wondering about workspace hosting preferences and would love to get any insights from this amazing group. Specifically when you run sessions with a client do you find yourself hosting the workspace or collaborating in their environment (or some combination there-of).

From what I've researched it seems like most folks prefer to work in their own workspace (let me know if this isn't true); but this does have some challenges in terms of security and hand-off after the event (alternatively working in the client workspace can be challenging due to lack of default facilitation permissions, custom templates etc...).




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    We work in our workspace, but delete the room after the event and the proper documentation. Working in our environment has the advantage of using our own templates and CI.

  • Our default starting point is to host our client sessions in a private room for similar reasons @frabo mentions above. Clients that turn into longer term or repeat clients generally go on to create their own MURAL workspace when the use of it becomes more mainstream, we then become trainers and coaches to their own Users, Facilitators and Workspace Admin staff over and above our facilitation role.