💡 Feature Idea: Sharing ownership of templates

domee ✭
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Currently it is only possible to create new murals from templates and then publish them again as your own. This results in a lot of duplicates and deprecated templates of no-longer-active-users being republished with slight changes. By sharing the ownership of templates with other people, e.g. team members you have a set of people responsible to maintain and keep templates up to date. This would result in less duplicate findings for templates with just slightly changes. Additionally template of inactive users do not get lost in oblivion but can be maintained by active users/colleagues.

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  • AshleyB
    AshleyB Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Thanks for posting this idea, @domee! The templates team is aware of the request and we would love to hear more from our community about the importance of this feature and other suggestions for improving your experience with templates.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    It would be very helpful!

  • mtarnawska
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  • My team has a need for this feature too! We are developing templates as a team but currently only the publisher can edit the template. It would be helpful if our small team could all have shared edit access to the templates so that anyone from our group can make changes, edits, etc. Especially with all the talent shifts that have occurred, it is also helps mitigate risk if not only one person owns the template. Thanks!

  • Please release this feature. It saves a lot of headache

  • Yes, I have been waiting for this feature!

    Please implement!

  • Yes, strugling with this too.

  • When a colleague leaves the company and so also the workspace, nobody can edit the template anymore, so copy of copy is made. So no Template management at the moment. With large amount of users and change of Template owners this is giving headaches.