Do your Agile Rituals in MURAL

We are happy to announce three new templates that will complete your agile planning with remote and hybrid teams! 🐢 We also took the opportunity to improve existing agile templates based on feedback from our members💝

These templates are also optimized to use together with our new Jira integration so that you can easily import stories into MURAL to plan visually in and get a better overview. 👁️ After the session you can easily put your actions in movement by exporting your stories to Jira. 🎈

Find all the templates here:

📆 Daily Scrum

📝. Backlog Refinement

⛳️. Sprint Planning

🎞️. Sprint Review

🎷 Sprint Retrospective

What other agile rituals would you like to see in the template gallery? 



  • These look awesome. I'd love to see some examples of these methods in action in MURAL, for sure.

  • frabo
    frabo MCN ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021

    This is so awesome!

    Can just report we're into sprint #4 completely online with murals. Some slight adaptations to some of the templates (CI, special content) and off you go.

    Connecting two favorite working methods (I am a scrum master) is great fun - Mural makes agile really agile and opens up new possibilities. Besides, you can save a daily copy of your board with all details at no effort. Never had better documented sprints and retrospectives. Guess we will invest into a large touchscreen to have the same experience also when working in the same room again.

    We're not using Jira, but we will have to look into export possibilities to adapt this to our systems. That's next.

  • I would like to offer and discuss some feedback on these Murals as the Sprint Planning, Daily, & the Sprint Review suffer from some clear misunderstandings of Scrum that will and does lead to dysfunctional behaviour in teams.

    Would love to see a v2 of these templates that more represents Scrum.