Issue: Still experiencing the outline reordering bug

westsidejules MCN ✭✭
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Hi, it looks like your April release (2021) included a fix for the reordering bug in the outline - when you reorder items, all the other items shuffle around. Unfortunately, I have had this problem as recently as this week. This is probably one of the biggest issues I have with Mural as a trainer - it causes so much additional time to create a proper outline.

Do we know the cause of the issue? What was fixed? Is this continued issue a known thing?

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  • kbaylon
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    Hi @nospaces, I've checked in with the team that's working on this bug and we don't have any updates on a fix yet. As of right now, we do not have a timeframe or ETA for when a fix will be implemented. I know this is not ideal and I apologize for the inconvenience this causes your work but I will definitely keep you updated as soon as I have news to share.☺️


  • Linds
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    Just to close the loop: this bug has been fixed ! and @westsidejules was notified by our support team. Let us know if anyone still sees this issue! Thanks!

  • Thank you! I'll check it out when I next build a mural :)

  • So glad this is fixed, it cost me a lot of time and grief for many months! Thank you. 😀

  • westsidejules
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    Actually I just had this happen again today so it doesn't look like it is fixed. When you have to drag an item up to much higher in the outline that it has to scroll, it rearranges other items. Still massively time consuming. It would be ideal to be able to list a number for the order instead of drag and drop at this point.

    fyi @Linds

  • Linds
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    Shoot - I am checking with our Support Experts again to see what is going on. Hang tight @westsidejules

  • I am experiencing. I have a Mural that is just under 100 frames and it keeps happening at frame 43 anything added after frame 43 seems to cause issues with the outline. The outline becomes jumbled. One thing to note, items 1-43 seem to stay in order.

  • @Linds Has there been any update on this since August? I'm still experiencing the issue

  • Hi @Linds , I am also experiencing this problem today 2022-Feb-19 - the other outline item shuffle around when I try to reorder one item. 

    Attaching a video demonstrating this can be reproduced consistently.

  • Did anyone report a fix yet ? am also experiencing this issue (2022-Apr-12) and its frustrating. Tried recreating the outline from scratch but no good.

  • Still experiencing this issue too!

  • Bug is still there and really annoying. Any updates?

  • kbaylon
    kbaylon Mural Team mod

    Hi there,

    I've reviewed this bug and it has been resolved a year ago. However, since it's not working again I’m happy to work with you to get this fixed and it is best to continue via email.

    Can you please send us an email at [email protected] so that we can troubleshoot further?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. 😊

  • I can confirm the bug still exists and if painful. Thank you!

  • Meghan
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    Hi @chrisbelknap! I can imagine this is a bit frustrating. Could you share a bit of info to so that we may connect this back to the previous bug?

    cc: @blopez

  • @Meghan, sorry for not following up after your last message. Actually I didn't even expect a reply. I've just written the email you had suggested, linking to this thread. I hope I can still help.

    The bug does in fact still occur.