Drag and drop focus when you have nested areas

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Mural recommends to use nested areas for indented outlines but when we do this, drag and drop focus is not as it should be. Say you nest an area in another area and then you put a sticky in the inner nested area. Then you want to reposition it just a bit. It automatically wants to attach it to the parent area. You have to drag it outside of the nested area and then back in to get the right focus. Shouldn't it assume that if its on top of the nested area that it should be focused there?

Here's a quick loom video of the problem:



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    Hey @westsidejules,

    This is due to the backgrounding/foregrounding of layers. Since the "parent area" was created first, it is currently foregrounded. If you bring the "nested" area forward, then it should absorb the sticky when you move it on top of the "nested" area:

    One thing to note is that we don't currently support nested areas, but I would recommend posting it as a feature request for our other users to see. You could even take a look at the suggestions other MURAL users have made and up-vote the ones you'd like to see!

    You can go straight to the "Feature Ideas" section of our Community here:


    Let me know if you need more help with this,



  • It absorbs it when I bring it on top of the nested area, but I have to move it off and then back on first (or so it seems). I'll pay attention to the foregrounding/backgrounding next time. Thanks.