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Has anyone had any problems with the visitor link not working?

When I have sent it to colleagues they say it doesn't work, showing a message saying the mural cannot be found. If I send the link from the invitation tab they can then access it, but are added to the workspace and mural as members which is not necessarily what I want.

Any ideas on this? Thank you.

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  • perran
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    Hi Rosietk

    There's a couple of things you can check if the visitor link isn't working.

    1) make sure visitors have access! You can check this from the 'Share' window, in the 'Visitor link' tab. If the 'Anyone with link....' menu is set to 'Off', your visitors will not be able to access the mural. Set this to either 'View only' or 'Can edit', depending on your requirements.

    2) If that didn't work, try resetting the link using the 'Reset link' option in the bottom-left corner.

    If neither of these work, there may be some workspace settings we need to look at. We'd need you to reach out to our Customer Support team at [email protected] to investigate that further.