💡 Feature Idea: Font Size and Export Printing Size

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There are just two points that make it really uncomfortable to use

First thing is the export…

You might look at lucidspark how they have solve this – it is much much comfortable and you have many options to choose what part of the map you would like to export and it is not always the whole area

The second thing for me is (because i am not Layouter) that you can´t choose the size of the font-but this make it easier to use the right size of the font to export it for an report. I mean if i see on the working-space how big a 12p Font is i can arrange the necessary space choose for how many text i still have place etc.

In fact-I am always switching between lucidspark and mural-in fact I like more to work on mural but this two points let me often go back to the other option.

Thanks for listening


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