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westsidejules MCN ✭✭
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I am told that Mural doesn't currently support nested areas but I should put it in as a feature request (see this linked issue: https://community.mural.co/discussion/268/drag-and-drop-focus-when-you-have-nested-areas)

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Mural supports nested areas somehow, although not as wished for or expected at times: When you have an area and add it to the outline and then create another area and move it over the previous are (so that it's contained by the first one) and add it to the outline, too, and arrange their order correctly in the Outline, there will be a little intendation of the second area. This way you can easily jump to parts of a bigger area, e.g. use the bigger area for the whole mural and call it "overview" or have a method in one area and each participant's section in separate areas within the first one.

    I wished for being able to hide or "fold" the nested areas in the outline. Thus the Outline would be much clearer when you don't need to see the nested areas.

  • would love to be able to nest areas in other areas so i could selelct and move them around or duplicate them easily.

  • Hi this was raised in 2021 can we have an update its such a logical thing to do with nested Areas with the outline reflecting the nesting 1 prime and 1.1 sub

  • Same here. Would make it a lot easier to iterate over board layouts in the preparations for a workshop. I wonder if there is a workaround.

  • Nest Outlines-This is a brilliant idea.

    allowing the outline items to be color coded would be helpful.

  • GeoffroyS
    GeoffroyS ✭

    Areas / Outline are an unfinished feature. Would love to see some Mural dev focus there.

  • +1 to more developed area/outline nesting, generally! interesting use cases in this thread I hadn't even thought to want, but now I do.

  • hafelg
    hafelg ✭

    Not only concerning the outline, but also moving the outer area around currently does not move the nested areas on the board. Would be great to have nesting for the outline, but also to have it grouped automatically in order to move it.