👋Introduce yourself

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Hi everyone! 🏡

In an effort for you to get to know the Community Team, as well as the other users of this forum, we have created a unofficial community mural template for introductions around here!

Intro Instructions

  1. Click this link to be taken to the intro template
  2. Once you're there, click create mural from template
  3. Give your mural a name
  4. Edit the grey fields to represent your information

This is meant to be fun, so feel free to get creative with it! Add images, and don't forget to fill out your "two truths and a lie section". 😏

Share your Intro mural

Once your happy with your intro (you can always edit it later!), come back here to the Coffee Shop and share your mural with us!

Directions in MURAL

  1. Click Share
  2. Click Visitor Link
  3. Click Copy Link
  4. Click Done

Directions in Community

  1. Navigate to Café
  2. Click New Discussion
  3. Paste the link to your intro mural in the body of the discussion, and optionally: add a screenshot of it! (this makes it easier for all of us to view!
  4. Add the tag intro
  5. Click Post Discussion

If you navigate to the intro tag, you will be able to see all the other introductions in the community! Can't wait to officially meet you!

Here is a link to my intro if you're looking for intro inspo 🤗