💡 Feature Idea: Offline storage

shane ✭
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I would like to be able to store / save data to changes on boards that I have made when I'm offline so that when I reconnect online, those changes are given priority, or uploaded first, before I download the latest changes of a board.

This would have helped me tremendously when out in the field doing user research for two days, and then when I connected again, all my data wasn't lost and replaced with a different version that a teammate had been working on.

Basically, I don't want to lose all my work I did when I was offline because there was a change to the board when I was offline, and when I connect again, it pulls that board, instead of uploading my changes I had made. I know this would be hard to implement, basically saying "which changes do you really want to upload?" Not sure if that's a new / copy version of the board or what, I just... lost a bunch of work.

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