Linking to outline step using an image

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Linking to the next step (outline) was a good way to get mural participants with little to no experience to move to the next section. However with the latest update, the image is no longer the click zone, but the tiny blur you see under the lock icon (on the top right arrow icon).

At 100% zoom, this click zone is 24px by 50px but with the lock over the top it's only 24px by 24px.

Minimum button size for accessibility is 44px by 44px. Why was this feature added and how do I get rid of it?


  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod

    Hello Julie, your feedback is really important to us. Aside from this screenshot that you shared, would you mind sending a screen record of what happens when you link it? You may send it as a private message to me here.

  • That 'Go to >' needs to go. I will send you a link to the test mural.

  • Good issue Julie, I was surprised by that as well (the light blur) as it also created visually on designed boards where I try to maintain a consistent look and feel (with a darker background) some 'extra terrestrial' glow around objects, that participants asked me (being the lead facilitators) what that was.

    What I had to do - was

    1 - select all 'outlined' objects

    2- change background colour to transparent

    3 - change line colour to transparent

    3x actions per object in the outline. Having an Board with 43 listed elements in the outline, this required 43x3 actions. Of course you first select them all individually to form a bath (find and select holding shift key) and then batch change them. both tedious job you want to avoid as all time inefficient.