💡 Feature Idea: Bulk change of editing permissions

Steffen ✭✭
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User Story: As a Mural owner I want to bulk change the editing permissions of my mural users

Problem I am trying to solve: After a workshop with Mural, often I want to set the Mural to read-only. So, everyone can see the mural, but can not change anything anymore. Same problem occurs, when I want to update an existing board which is shared already. I want to do changes as Mural owner while nobody can change anything in the meantime.

You can do this already in "Manage Mural users" and edit the permission for each user to "View only" manually. All the other permissions (like Duplicate Mural, Export) can be set in bulk change, only the editing permission is missing.

Why this helps others: For bigger events/workshops (50+ users) it really helps and speed up the process after the session.

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