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Bring to front or Send to back works great when you have 2 layers, say an area and a textbox in it. However, I often run into trouble if I have more than two, for example a background under a speech bubble icon under a textbox in the speech bubble. If something else then overlaps on the icon speech bubble, and I want to Send to back, it goes ALL the way back, disappearing behind the background image. Any ideas on what to do to better control overlap choices when more than two items are involved?

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    Hello Christina, my name is Aiza from the MURAL Support team.

    Thank you for your thoughts on how we can continue improving MURAL. I can definitely see how that would be useful.

    The layering can be tough since our system will only let you control the top layer and the bottom layer. It sometimes requires a little bit of playing around - sending different things to the back and the front until you get it exactly the way you want it. Or, another way to get the layering right is to add the content that will be the back-most layer to the canvas first. Then, add the content that will be the next layer to the canvas, and so on. When deciding what is sent to the back or front by default, our system will grab the “oldest” element on the canvas and put that as the element in the back, and the “newest” element will be on the top.

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