💡 Template Idea: Certificate of Participation/Achievement/Excellence

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Situation/When this happens: I have just finished my first Mural-based workshop. My participants would like a certificate.

Motivation/I want to: Since Mural played such a major role in the event as THE medium for visual artifacts of a collaboration, I would like to use it for the post-event certificates too. While font sizes and choices are still limited compared to for ex. Word (I can't wait till font size is available in points and a curvy serif is offered, like Playfair Display!!! and maybe some antique style too for just such a purpose), adding images, such as background, is a dream and it is great to send them a view-only Mural link to their certificate to make sure all names were spelled correctly, etc.

Expected Outcome/So I can: So I can print these en masse, it would be GREAT to have a way to put a list of names somewhere that the template draws from, without my having the (current) situation of a bunch of templates in my workspace that are all the same except for the names, and which have to be individually downloaded from an email for the .png, formatted onto a Word doc., and then printed.

I know this is not what Mural was originally meant for, but the more I use it, the more things I want to use it for!

Having the Mural logo and/or that dotted background from your website that I so covet would be great too, as it would add an element of PR for Mural every single time it is used. That said, having those dots as an added background option would be great for any mural.

Wording can vary of course. Mine looks like this, using Proxima Nova:

"Certificate of Excellence

Hereby awarded to

X (it would be great if the name is automatically centered each time)

for her outstanding demonstration of online visual collaboration using digital technologies and methods as a participant in..." and my participants are loving it big time.

So I guess this is a template and feature idea in one. Food for thought!

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