💡Feature Idea: Enable voting on grouped sticky notes, not individual notes

What I want to be able to do?

Allow sticky notes to be grouped together and given an editable title/summary so they can be voted on as a collective.

Problem I am trying to solve:

During retrospectives and brainstorming it's common for people to post similar ideas. This means we end up with multiple sticky notes proposing similar things. This complicates voting because it disperses votes across multiple notes. We have either had to colour code, edit or or do something to stop people from voting on certain notes to ensure we capture the votes on the highest priority ideas.

Why this helps everyone (or many people):

Being able to group common themed notes and write a title or something to describe the ideas collectively is useful for all participants. Being able to retain each participant's personal observations and statements and acknowledge how it's common across more than one participant (note) is powerful. 

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Great idea!

    An idea for a workaround could be to create a new shape for the group and to instruct people to vote on those group shapes (or "group stickies") only. Would that help you?

  • Yes please! This would be very useful. It would be great if a vote on a single element counts towards the group this element is in. In our case, we often use icons or other visuals to represent whatever is up for voting. The problem is, that these icons or visuals often consist of more than one element. Depending on where exactly someone clicks when voting, they might only select one element of the visual and someone else selects a different element of the same visual.