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1. What you want to be able to do in MURAL: I use shapes a lot with icons and I put the icons on top of the shape, so it creates a new "badge" or icon itself for marking areas on the mural (e.g. "Roadmap" with a road icon on a circle shape). I like to group them. I usually create several of those per mural and I usually select a previously created shape to duplicate it, delete the old icon on the copy, select a new icon, put it on the shape and group it again etc.

2. The problem you are trying to solve: Sometimes it's hard to select a specific shape or object in a mural because of the layers and I unintentionally select the wrong shape instead of the one that I wanted to select. This is sometimes annoying, especially when under stress ;-) It would be great to have another way to select objects if they are "below" others, e.g. by a list which contains all of the objects in a mural and I could go through all those objects one by one (or several at once) and see which object is which. By clicking in that list, the object would be selected for duplication or other changes easily.

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people): I think, it would make life easier to select things intentionally :-)

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
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    I've just realized that in some cases there is already a great solution to work with: "Filter by type" in the toolbar of a selection. Great, makes handling selections much easier :-)