Prioritizing Your To Do List

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✅ I've seen lots of ways people keep track of their tasks for the week in MURAL. How do YOU prioritize your to do list?

📆 How do you use mural to organize your week?

✨ Do you use a mural to take notes during meetings or as you're doing work during focus time?

👀 Do you have a favorite template for this? Let's SEE!


  • elena
    elena Mural Team mod

    I use MURAL for all of my project tracking & prioritization (image attached is blurred for privacy)! Here's a quick overview:

    • Used the icon library to make my sections a bit more fun
    • Leveraged locking to create my own custom Kanban board (and not worry about moving lines around accidentally as I'm moving stickies)
    • Use stickies *at their default size* to help appropriately scale all additional elements
    • Color code stickies based on priority and special projects
    • At the top of the project tracker, I've also copied & pasted our team OKR mural easy access!

    During 1:1s with my manager, we can both look at the board and literally shift things around based on updated priorities!

  • Thanks for sharing this @elena . I'm setting up a Kanban board to track a few of my projects as a prototype in hopes of getting a client into this way of visualizing work. You've given great inspiration for how to make it fun and useful.