Quick Tip ⚡⚡- 3 Easy ways to brand your templates

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Customize a MURAL template with your company branding — without spending too much time on the details.

Save your brand colors as custom colors in a mural

Does your company have brand colors? Add sticky notes to the mural and change their colors with the custom color feature. These custom colors get stored in the color dropdown, and you can use them across any template or blank mural.

  1. Create a branded design plan that includes colors for different elements. If you build this in a mural, you can save the custom colors in the color dropdown as you go.
  2. When you open a new template, highlight all items in each element type and select the associated color from the custom colors you defined above.

What elements should you define colors for? While this is a brand decision, we recommend focusing on

  1. Headers and subheaders
  2. Backgrounds of areas that contain different types of information (instructions vs activities)
  3. Borders

Want to see this done differently in the product in future? Vote on this idea and chat about what you'd like to see!

Save your design collateral to your content library

MURAL's content library ensures easy access to all your assets! As a centralized hub, you can save information you reuse often, such as brand colors, configured text boxes, images and logos.

Sharing your brand across multiple teams? Create a mural with all your assets that your teammates can access and add the images to their content libraries. Learn more here.

Supercharge your design with an integration to Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

Did you know that you can integrate Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries with MURAL? Sign into Creative Cloud account and gain access to all the assets without leaving MURAL. Want more information, check out our blog post on the Adobe blog.

Do you have any quick tips for how you apply your branding to a mural? Share it below!