June 24 Web Release: Enhanced experience in MS Teams, additional security features, and bug fixes

Feature Enhancements 

✍️Stay signed in when using the MURAL App for Teams

Now, MURAL App for Teams will maintain your login credentials so you can get to work even faster with the same level of security you expect from MURAL. 

🔐 Add an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA)

A MURAL member or guest can turn on two factor authentication when signing in to MURAL to add an extra layer of security. 2FA can be turned on in the profile settings page. It isn’t necessary for members that use SSO. 

New Templates

🎯 OKR planning just became a breeze

Set goals with measurable results with this new Objectives and Key Results Planning template.

🔁 Build your team rituals

With the shift to remote and hybrid work, teams often struggle to continuously and effectively evolve their cadence of rituals resulting in employee burnout. With this new Ritual Reset Play template, you can reflect on and re-evaluate your team meetings and processes to create more space for what matters.

🚀 Make your next Agile ceremony visual

Level up your Agile rituals with these 5 new and updated templates—Introduction to Agile & Scrum, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, and Sprint Review.  

🎉 Celebrate your team

This month MURAL has been celebrating unity by coming together, practicing team building, and creating a sense of belonging. With this, we’ve released 5 new templates to delight and celebrate your peers—Baby Congratulations, Engagement Congratulations, Work Anniversary, Virtual Invitation, and Happy Birthday.

👉 Have a template request you’d like to see in the MURAL library? 

You can now submit your own ideas and vote on new templates requested by your peers here in the MURAL Community.

Bug Fixes 

🐞Visitors were not able to search for images in the sidebar in certain situations. 

🕷SVG files were sometimes being exported as black images.

🐛When ungrouping objects that were above a shape, the ungrouped objects would sometimes incorrectly appear behind the shape.

🐜Copying and pasting text inside of text boxes wasn't performing as expected in Safari.

🦟It was not possible to pan over a group of locked objects while in mouse mouse.

🪲Marquee select on a group of locked objects was not working.

🪳It was not possible to delete a line break inside of a sticky note when it was in the middle of a word and using Chrome.

🐞Underline and strikethrough formatting options were not visible while editing a sticky note.

🕷 It was not possible to resize or rotate text boxes when editing text.

🐛Trying to remove a hyperlink from an object would sometimes not work.

🐜When choosing to delete an area only, all of the objects in the area would sometimes be deleted instead. 

🦟When pressing enter at the end of a line of text, the new line break would sometimes appear in the middle of the text. 

🪲After creating an arrow using the C key shortcut, the handles to resize or rotate the object were not always displayed.