How to run Round Robin from LUMA?

I wanted to use the Round Robin method after doing my LUMA training. Problem is that it involves folding paper in person... and I don't know how to replicate online. Any advice for doing this with Round Robin or other methods?


  • I've used 5 colored 3x5 stickies (so 5 people per round robin board) link in LUMA's template. Requires an example to be shown for participants to understand how to follow their color down and reminders to look up vertically so a little trickier than in person with a simple pass and unfold as it can get a bit confusing where to look and input and have to make multiple boards if have more than 5 participants.

  • I have also seen 5 horizontal blocks stacked on top of each other in a Mural board. Each block has a person's name on it (after of course you have figured out the rotation model). I find that strong wayfinding on the board is critical to keeping people engaged and confident they know where to contribute. As you rotate, people can duplicate items from above them and extend the idea. By the time you get down to the bottom the final set of ideas might be radically different from where it started, and that's ok. You are left with a nice visual history of the ideation session between team members. Just another variation to consider.

  • @KatieTbull that's a great idea. Color coding is always handy. I wonder how LUMA could redesign that template for a digital space since the current layout is really meant for paper.

    @bmanders1 genius! I wonder if it would throw people off to actually have them in a circle shape on the canvas so they could feel like it's really "round" robin?