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The short request: Can I somehow take a list of phrases and quickly put them each on individual stickies?

Use case: I've got a list of 100 category types. I want to be able to do an affinity mapping, so we can reduce the number of categories and also rename them to be more useful. I have the list, and can make it into a .csv easily. But I don't want to have to type 100 stickies individually, even with shortcuts.

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    Hey @vealek! Thank you for the question. I believe I understand the question. You have a list of a hundred words, and you are trying to sort out how to paste them all into a mural without typing than individually.

    If I understood the answer is yes, this is possible in MURAL.

    1. Open an existing mural or take a new mural
    2. Copy and paste the batch of words into the mural. MURAL will paste each word or phrase as a sticky.

    Here is a short loom/video (1 minute) of me doing this!

    Does this answer your question? If not we will get you connected with our Support team!


  • It does answer my question! I guess I should have tried the simple way first. I went looking in the help/support topics for "batch" or "csv" or "list" and didn't come up with this helpful tidbit of information.

    Thanks for the quick reply, and for already having this feature enabled!

  • Oh, yes! I did something very similar when I first started! Glad it helped out. :)

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    It works with copy & paste from Excel cells selections, too. Really useful :-)

  • I really hope other users find this discussion thread when they come looking for this information, since my quick keyword search didn't turn up any answers.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

  • It should now! It's a good question. Like I said, I had a similar moment. Curious, what key word did you type and did you type it here or in the help documentation? Thanks!!

  • This feature has recently been removed by Mural and I am so sad! 😓 I need to be able to copy/paste large sets of data into individual stickys. Please remove the 140 character limit!!!

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    Oh yeah, that's sad. Previously one could copy several cells from an Excel file and paste them to MURAL and MURAL would create separate sticky notes for every cell (and line breaks). Now MURAL pastes everything into a single big text box :-( This is nice, but I really would love to see the old feature back somehow. Is there still a way to copy & paste several stickies at once? Would save lots of time for people...

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    Hi everyone, we have re-enabled the previous paste behaviour in response to the feedback we have received from members. In the future, we will be providing more options to provide even more flexibility and control over how members paste and import content.