What are some of the ways you're onboarding clients into MURAL?

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Looking for anything from tips and tricks to something that's more curriculum-driven!


  • I think this is a great question. I don't have best practices yet, but one thing that I think is best avoided is to plan to do too much "real" higher-stakes work too quickly, before clients have figured out the basics of how to navigate within Mural. In other words, there needs to be a long-enough on-ramp for folks who are new to Mural.

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    I completely agree @Jonathan - great tip! I learned 'the basics' by simply poking around and trying things! You?

    (ps. I am not saying that is the most efficient method of learning, by the way.) 😆

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    We usually encourage people to join a day before if they are new to mural and give them a mural to play with and to accomodate. We explain before the actual event what we plan to do and usually have three levels: Facilitators from our side, our or client side moderators (matter experts that can explain the aims and the method) and users. This works well. For smaller groups the facilitator/moderator can be one person but for larger groups a split has proven to have some benefits.

    We give a short introduction in how Mural works and how the actual Mural is intended to use right at the beginning. Facilitation is imortant as it is when doing similar exercises off-line.

    Still difficult to predict is wether invitation by link (without signing in) does work or not. For some people this works, for most it does not and we did not find out why so far. This creates quite a hassle sometimes, if people can't access immediately.

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    I use Virtual Flipcharts to draw out contributions onto my webcam in the same way I would with a real flipchart in a physical meeting. But with the added advantage that in just a couple of clicks all of that content appears as sticky-notes in Mural. Once people can see their own content in the Mural, it increases their desire to engage with it - to group it, and vote on it. And from there the climb up the learning curve doesn't appear too steep.

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    My different ways of doing that

    Event only (5-7 min) - add welcome exercise that requires them to add a sticky note, add/change tex, add icon or visual (good to go) - sometimes add the 30sec MURAL intro video

    Project journey (60-90min) - sandbox exercise that increases step by step MURAL awareness & confidence, whilst working on a relevant project topic (e.g. LDJ session, or mind-mapping, process mapping, etc.)

    Develop as capability (120-180min)- I offer training session "develop remote confidence for business-consultants" that is a training model of min 2hrs where we explore different use-cases in client consultancy portfolio and MURAL is the tool (to explore, and innovate own work practice).

  • We generally run tech checks before our workshops, since we're also using a virtual event software that should be tested for accessability in a corporate environment.

    In that tech check we use a simple mural - a "wall of fame and shame" about expectations towards the session. We'll then also have the participants vote on the results and by doing so teach the handling and voting of mural.

  • @jeroen and @FoundersFightClub LOVE these ideas and suggestions. I'd love to see these examples if you're open to sharing... explainer videos are bonus points ;)

  • @Ryan I'd love to see those little videos if you don't mind sharing?

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    Very cool, @Greg - thank you for sharing!

  • @Trudie mentioned using playgrounds for people to get used to MURAL. I love this idea, because people can learn on their own in a low pressure, no one is watching me environment.

  • I have a 6-minute welcome video that covers the basics:

    • Zoom in and out
    • Moving around
    • Adding sticky notes
    • Typing into sticky notes

    I include a link to a get-to-know-you activity Mural. The participants share a bit of themselves, so others get to meet them before the class and then provide a playground space to play with the other features. This has been helpful. I'm still trying to figure out how to help people that have issues logging into the Mural. I could use tips on ensuring everyone has an updated browser and their computer connection is good enough for the session.

  • @Greg are you willing to share your onboarding Mural as a template? It's fantastic and clearly took some effort to pull those resources in. No worries if you've shared for idea starter only. Will totally credit you of course.

  • @SusChilders I recommend visiting this icebreaker template: https://app.mural.co/template/9e54b8b1-ef1a-4eb1-965c-84861ce19636/0e7999e9-6186-4bd9-8e68-5a4615619b39 It has an obstacle course template you could use to build something similar to Greg's race template.

  • @SusChilders Sure! Here it is! https://app.mural.co/template/9b2ff264-46e3-47f6-abfd-c9648540a596/b3aad260-e3d8-4129-b822-d63c23af0e1e In my class, I hide a link under the third present to take them back to my course page :) I hope you enjoy.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your board! Great idea here to both onboard to Mural and get a team / group to know each other as well. I love multi-use activities.