Happy Birthday Mad Libs

Christina ✭✭✭✭
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One of the interesting discussions here in the Community is "What's your favorite way to use MURAL not for work?" and birthdays were mentioned. I found this awesome background on Rawpixel that I have been dying to use all semester for something, and today I found out one of my favorite students has her birthday on the last day of class, so here goes!

"Alles Gute von" means Best Wishes from... with space for everyone to draw their names, and then I thought up a letter the whole class can "write" her. Rough translation:

"Dear (Name),

Hello! I wish you a X birthday filled with X!

I hope you get lots of X and also plenty of X to drink, and that you can X with your X too.

If you have too much X, don't worry.

Just take a(n) X and you'll feel X right away!

I'm happy that you're in my class, because X, and I look forward to X with you next semester.

Have a(n) X summer!"

Yes, this is fraught with risk, but this is a really nice university class where everybody knows each other so I am praying they will more or less behave while still have fun putting sticky notes in the blank spaces. I will drop a light hearted but clear warning that I can see who wrote what and that they will not like what happens if they are rude, but I'm going to take a leap of faith and just believe they are going to be fine.

Maybe the private mode will be a good idea so they all show up at once and people don't feel looked at while writing.

Wish me luck, and help yourself!