💡Feature Idea: Rename MURAL URL based on Workspace Name

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Hi Mural,

It will be really awesome if we're able to change/modify the Mural URL instead of giving the random/unique value based on first workspace creation.

I didn't know that it's permanent when I created my first workspace, now I changed my workspace to follow my team name which is "Data & Analytics", but my mural board URL is still using my first workspace creation which is something for pi planning preps "https://app.mural.co/t/20q2piplanningpreparation1877".

I want to have the URL like "https://app.mural.co/t/data_and_analytics" or any preferred name that I can change.


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  • Hi. I would like to change the named URL, cause it is unfortunly a project name, that was created in the first mural. I would like to work with clients, and so its inappropiate, to use the current URL, given at the first project name.

  • Same! I'm almost embarrassed to provide new clients with my workspace URL because it's got the words "mycareer" in it.

    URL shorteners like bit.ly and tinyurl seem to make customizing a url pretty dang easy.

    You all may want to try using a URL shortener to mask your awful Mural workspace URL…but the problem there is that once your client/partners click the link, the URL that they ll see in their browser is still gonna be the ugly/wrong one.

    I keep finding ways to work around it like asking my new client to set up a temporary/free account and then invite me as a guest. Maybe that works for Mural's sales funnel, but it's just an awful and unprofessional experience for those of us who are locked into something that cannot change.

    (And stupid me even signed up for one year, which makes it even THAT much more of a hassle)

    I hope that Mural can find a way to bump this up in their roadmap.

  • My workspace name was generated with the number "69" after the name. I didn't type that. Support can't regenerate it and was useless. This makes me look unprofessional. Spent so much time crafting my board. This sucks.

    Should I make a new email to make a new account and roll the dice with the number generator?

    Thanks for making me look stupid, Mural.

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  • Even if you create a new account, move the Mural board, the previous username will still be stuck on the url. Just tried it.

    Will be looking at Mural alternatives -_- Save me from this embarrassment.

  • Yes - this feature please! the auto-created URL has carried through details which now mean I can't reasonably share it (lists a different organisation). I hadn't realised it would be generated from the name of the first workspace - had I done I'd certainly have named it differently! Please can you make this a changeable, or at least not an auto-created URL!

  • Yes please, we are stuck with the same name for 8 years ;-)

  • Yes! Please make this change possible indeed! I have the same issue as the others: unprofessional URL and unable to change it... (My URL contains: tryoutmural... 🙈)

  • I just upvoted this comment. I don't have anything to add but I agree with everything previous comments have stated.

  • We also have the same Issue. By using it the first time, we slipped in to use it for every meeting format, where remote collaboration is needed. Today we have a lot of Murals and also pay for the workspace.