Mural inception (aka: embedding one mural into another

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I'm designing a product using the "product requirements document" template (that one came in very handy, by the way). Now, I'm at the point of adding a value proposition canvas. The latter exists already in a different mural.

So my question: Is there a way to embed one mural into another (and sync changes in the embedded canvas)?

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  • manuel
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    There is no way to insert a whole mural into another one.

    But there's a workaround: You could go to the other mural and select the value proposition canvas and all its elements, right-click and save to your library. Then go to the destination mural and insert the value proposition canvas from your personal library (= books-icon in the toolbar).

    For one-time use only, you could leave out the saving to the library and just copy & paste (via context menu or CTRL-C / V) between the murals. I usually open them (origin and destination mural) in two separate tabs in Chrome to do so.

    Hope, this helps.

  • elkmind
    elkmind MCN ✭✭
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    Thanks, @manuel for sharing your workaround. 🍪

    So at least In know now, that it's not possible (yet? ;-)) to have a synced solution. I guess I'll go with just a link to the Value proposition canvas in the project mural then for this case, but your suggestion might come in handy at another point.