Ahoy, muralists, Chris here!

elkmind MCN ✭✭

Digital Ethicist with a hacker's heart here.

Into coaching & consulting for teams and individuals on #DigitalLiteracy, #NewWork / #RemoteWork (that's, where mural comes in ;-)) and #digitalethics,

(I love actual stickies, too, by the way - and that's not a lie. 😁)




  • Erik
    Erik Mural Team mod

    Welcome to the community Chris!

    Lie is def. about the 12 instruments. 11 max.

  • E_B
    E_B Mural Team mod

    Welcome, Chris - Great to have you in the forum and the MURAL Consultant Network! I have to ask, what are the 12 instruments you can play HBD on?

  • Hi there! Welcome! I really hope the instrument fact is truth- that'd be incredible!

  • Welcome to the Community!!!!

  • juliemannheimer
    juliemannheimer Mural Alum mod

    Welcome, Chris! 👋

  • ryannee
    ryannee Mural Team mod

    Welcome, Chris! I've never heard the term "Chief Philosophical Officer," but I love that idea. Are there any go-to books or resources you'd recommend about digital ethics?

  • Lucy_OBrien
    Lucy_OBrien Mural Team mod

    Welcome Chris! Great to have you here!

  • elkmind
    elkmind MCN ✭✭

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody!

    Now, let's see, how many insturments you can guess (and find out whether it'll amount to twelve indeed ;-))!

    Hint: Today I played it twice on a Ukulele (and considered the recorder once).

  • elkmind
    elkmind MCN ✭✭

    @ryannee: Thanks for taking interest in my favourite topic.

    Being the founder of my company it was quite easy to negotiate for such a fancy title. ;-) But seriously, It's not just meant as a slightly eccentric joke but to give a new perspective (and some food for thought) on discussions regarding the digital transformation. The latter often being treated too narrow-mindedly as mainly a technological change - whereas in my opinion the impacts are much larger and have a strong influence on society (maybe even humanity) as a whole.

    But, you didn't ask for a lecture, just for some reading recommendations (sorry, got carried,away ;-)). Here's a collection of articles, books, films, podcasts etc. I recommend: https://www.lasso.net/go/link/YPsIYF (some of it is in German as I teach Digital Ethics at Swiss Universities, too).

    Hope you'll find something suitable there - and feel free to tell me about specific topics / formats your interested in (e.g. "Hello World" by Hannah Fry is both an easy and very competent dive into the world of algorithms). I'll gladly recommend something accordingly!

  • mtarnawska
    mtarnawska MCN ✭✭

    Hello Chris! WOW! You're intro is great :) I am very curious about your course programme when it comes to #digitalethics. I know how important it is, especially in case of remote work, but I'm wondering - is it all about communication boundaries, technological exclusion, conscious use and sharing of data and/or technology? Happy to hear more about it :)