💡Feature Idea: Make links in PDF exports clickable!

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I'd love to have the PDF export of my canvas have the option to include clickable links.

Problem: The current PDF export is flat and designed to be printed, but my post-office life doesn't require a whole lot of printing. Retaining the "clickability" of links that were contributed to a Mural would make for a much richer archiving library.

Context: I actually thought this was native functionality because one of the links I created was retained in a recent export (opened using Preview on a MacBook Pro), so I was confused when I realized this wasn't the expected behavior. (Screenshot below)

Use case: I'm presenting at a conference using Mural, and the organizer has asked for a shareable deliverable after the event. While I'd love to direct conference attendees to the Mural, the rest of the session deliverables are PDFs, so retaining the richness of clickable links would add a lot for people reviewing the content after the session.

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  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    Hello @kevin_at_thankview ,

    Thank you for the feature idea. When I export to PDF, all links are available to follow- it appears in your screenshot here that they are as well. Would you be able to explain your idea in more detail, please?

  • Hi Drew,

    That's what I thought too, but then I experienced a different export behavior and reached out to Support to see if there was a bug. The response I got said my clickable version was the anomaly and that the standard behavior is links are not clickable.

    Here's the support message for your reference.

    Thanks for replying!

  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    @kevin_at_thankview I really appreciate the extra details you've shared.

    Are you encountering cases where exported PDFs are missing links?

  • Just came across the same issue and found out:

    a) if you select a single frame > export the selection as PDF > the links are there
    (also it is different than in mural itself: only the preview pic is clickable, the rest of the link component (title, description, footer) are not clickable)


    b) if you export a PDF based on the Outline, the links are not included (you just get a flat PDF)
    … which creates a lot of work for exporting a presentation :(